The home of innovative smart charging for electric vehicles

Our small but mighty brainbox works alongside our data driven app to offer EV drivers a digital ecosystem that charges at the cheapest rates. Whilst, of course, doing our bit for the planet.

Sounds good, right?

Simple, intelligent, genius.

Our Products

The Ohme Wall Charger

Our OLEV approved wall-mounted charger is available in both Type 1 and Type 2. Using a 3G/4G connection for an easy set-up, our Wall Charger offers charging rates of around 25 miles an hour! (32A/7.4kW)

  • Approved for the OLEV Homecharge grant
  • Includes RCD (Type A and 6mA DC)
  • Tethered cable, in both Type 1 & Type 2

The Ohme Cables

Whatever your connection, Ohme has you covered.

We offer a Type 2 cable and a commando option – we’ve even got a cable for your standard three-pin plug! Our Ohme Cables boast impressive charging rates with Type 1 and Type 2 connection options available.

Perfectly portable, simple to set up and
even easier to use.

The Ohme App

Control your spending with our green and money saving options.

We’ve created a clever little app that allows you to manage your electricity use, set charging preferences and even monitor your green score.

Control your spending by setting
your own charge targets

Choose to save money or
favour green energy

Create charge schedules like daily
commutes and weekend trips

Simple, Intelligent, Genius.

Ohme is compatible with all plug-in EVs

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