About Us

The Ohme story ...

Ohme’s vision is to become the world’s most trusted smart charging platform.

The idea for Ohme came to scientist and ethical investor David Watson while he was researching clean energy projects.

David was passionate about the transition to renewable energy, but found that the “feast or famine” nature of sources like wind and solar power was a barrier. Energy cannot be stored in the grid, meaning that wind farms may have to be switched off at certain times to regulate supply.

Realising the old system was no longer fit for purpose, David saw an opportunity to adjust demand to meet supply using electric vehicles (EVs). He envisioned a smart charging system that would nudge consumers to charge at off-peak times by reducing costs and even paying them to charge.

In Ohme, he and his team have created a product that not only makes EVs cheaper to run, but allows consumers, businesses and energy suppliers to work together to support the global transition to renewables.

David Watson CEO and founder of Ohme EV