Ohme for Fleets

Ohme is a smart mobility and energy platform which solves the challenges fleet managers are facing in both designing and executing their fleet electrification charging strategy. The Ohme solution provides:

  • Cost effective, technology and vehicle agnostic hardware solutions
  • Reduced cost-per-mile associated with EV charging costs by using patented SMART technology
  • A single-fleet management platform collating comprehensive datapoints from across the fleet increasing transparency and insight whilst reducing the administrative burden.

Ohmes works with all vehicle manufacturers enabling fleet managers to have total visibility and control across their entire fleet. The portable nature of its unique Smart Cable enables the electrification of many of the use cases encountered by fleet managers. It is cost effective and can be integrated as part of vehicle lease and therefore treated either as an ongoing operational cost or purchased outright and treated with capital depreciation.

The Ohme Fleet Proposition gives fleet managers, unparalleled visibility and control of their EV fleets helping drive down OpEx costs, simplifying admin and generating comprehensive fleet reporting. The hardware variants cover all charging behaviours.

The fleet proposition enables fleet managers to:

  • Monitor and report the cost of charging at fleet and individual vehicle level
  • Allocate costs among home, work and on-the-road charging
  • Calculate home charging expenses
  • View CO2 emissions and savings

Drivers can:

  • Easily track and submit personal and work miles
  • Choose their home energy tariff

The Ohme fleet management platform focuses on

The Ohme Fleet Dashboard shows the comprehensive capability at fleet managers fingertips, enabling them to extract mileage, cost, co2 reports at a fleet and individual level

Dashboard Overview

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