Ohme Octopus discount offer

Octopus Energy Ohme Offer

Only £299 For Octopus Energy Customers

We've teamed up with Octopus Energy to offer the world's first smart home Electric Vehicle charging cable at a £299 discounted rate (usually £449.)


Happy Ohme Customer Sarah

“Ohme is a life changer! It integrates perfectly with my energy tariff. Recently I even got paid to charge! I couldn’t believe it. It’s also a huge bonus that it’s small and portable– I travel a lot for work, so it’s great I can chuck it in the boot when I’m on the road.”

On one end of the cable, you will choose the right socket for your car (Type 1 or Type 2), and on the other end just choose the right connector for you and start charging! 

We offer cables that attach to any of the following sockets:

  • a commando socket
  • a 3 pin plug
  • a Type 2 plug (that can be used on an existing Type 2 socketed charger - at home or in the public domain)

Type 2 cable

This Type 2 portable cable gives you intelligent charging by upgrading your existing untethered chargepoint.


Commando Cable

The Commando cable plugs into a commando socket and is a cost-effective option.


3 pin cable

The 3 Pin cable is a great, simple option for those wishing to plug in and go.


Why an Ohme charger?

Save Up To £350 More

Working with the Ohme App you control how you charge.

  • Start, stop or schedule charges
  • Set maximum price caps
  • Full charge history
  • Only charge at the lowest rates
  • Maintain your battery health

Get paid to charge

Ohme’s smart charger works with any electricity tariff but if you are on an agile tariff, it integrates the future pricing levels so your Ohme knows when to charge in order to reach your charge target whilst staying below your maximum charging price.



  • Allows fast charging at 7kW (about 25 mi/hr)
  • Tethered, 5m cable
  • 3G/4G connectivity for easy set up and communication
  • Approved for the OLEV homecharge grant

Want to talk things through?

If you have any further questions about buying an Ohme wall charger, our sales team are always happy to help out. You can contact us on:

phone: +44 (0) 20 3375 1586

email: sales@ohme-ev.com


Not on an Octopus Customer?

Agile Octopus is the first tariff of its kind. To switch onto it, we need half-hourly readings from your SMETS2 or “Secure” branded SMETS1 meter. Switching to Octopus is easy.