Paid to Charge –
Choosing the Right Electricity Tariff

Ohme chargers work with all UK electricity tariffs, however to get the most from your Ohme you should invest a little time into exploring your charging patterns and match it against the most relevant electricity tariff.

As EVs become increasingly more popular, the demand on the national grid will increase. To balance the demand on the grid over the day, many electricity providers are incentivising EV drivers to charge at off-peak times with special EV tariffs.

As well as your typical standard tariff, there are two types of tariffs favoured by EV drivers for their individual benefits:

Your goal may be cost, greener charging or a combination of both, and there is a tariff that best suits your objective. Once you’ve defined your tariff, you can set your charging goals in the Ohme app, plug in your vehicle and forget about it… When you’re ready to use your EV, a fully charged vehicle awaits.

What tariff is best for me?

The choice is yours! However, if you are still undecided, the below might be able to help.

Tariff Pricing Profile Plunge Moments (paid to charge) Green Energy? Electricity Providers
Fixed price tariff One set price throughout the day No Yes, supplier dependant Octopus, EDF, British Gas, E-on, SSE
Regular Time of Use (variable tariff) Fixed cheaper prices set at “off-peak” hours throughout the day. No Yes, supplier dependant Octopus Go, Good EV Driver 3, OVO Energy, EDF, EDD, Tonik, Scottish Power
Smart Time of Use Tariff Follows wholesale pricing model, updated every 30 minutes Yes Yes, supplier dependant Octopus Agile
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How does negative pricing work?

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