Commercial Partners

Keep electrification simple

Future proof your current assets by working with Ohme. Our intelligent software will give you cost-effective, easy and flexible charging.

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Management solutions to help you go electric

The shift to electric vehicles is here. But fleet and property managers across the board need support to make that shift.

With our Partner Portal, you can manage costs, driver expenses and charging activity. Whether it be for your fleet, workplace or car park, this management solution gives you flexibility and oversight to ensure the transition is swift, simple and cost-effective.

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Intelligence to boost existing charging infrastructure

Replacing the existing electric vehicle infrastructure to make it "smart" is a tall order.

That's why we've created Ohme Inside, putting smart technology virtually inside older chargers to offer intelligent charging. By joining the Ohme ecosystem, you get all the benefits for the broader platform, including flexibility and customer insights.

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Data and grid services to understand consumer demand

Our partners in the energy sector have an exciting opportunity to understand and manage demand.

Ohme's intelligent charging platform can help you understand and predict energy consumption behaviour and trial new solutions to balance the grid in near real-time. Flip the challenge on its head - it's all about the consumer.

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