App and Charger Tutorials
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29th July 2022
by Ohme

App and Charger Tutorials

Charging with your Ohme Home Pro

Charging your EV with your new Ohme Home Pro is easy. You now have the ability to charge your EV using the Home Pro itself. Check out our step by step here.

How to set up your account

Setting up an account up with Ohme is simple! Follow this step by step tutorial to create yours and unlock the benefits of smart charging.

How to create a charge schedule and set a price cap

Take control of your charging. Try setting your Ohme to charge during off-peak hours to benefit from your energy supplier's cheapest electricity!

How to: set preconditioning and climate control

Allows you to pre-heat or cool your battery/cabin before you start your journey. Head to 'Manage my EV' in the Ohme app to get started.

View our user manual here.

View the Home Pro product manual here.