How to be a sustainable spectator
29th November 2021
by Ohme

How to be a sustainable spectator

The re-opening of stadiums has been eagerly anticipated by many sports fans. Now that we’re able to get back out there and support our teams, here are our top tips to minimise your carbon footprint when doing so.

Choose public transport – Choosing public transport is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint for the day. If you’re heading a long way, catching the train is probably the more environmentally friendly option. If you do choose to drive, ask your friends (or fellow fans) to join you to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Bring your own – As the colder weather creeps in, you might be looking to purchase a hot drink on your way to the match. Coffee cups are usually made from a combination of card and a plastic lining that keeps them waterproof but makes them tricky to recycle. Most local councils don’t currently recycle coffee cups, but do keep an eye out for special coffee cup recycling bins. Bring your own reusable coffee cup and you might even be lucky enough to receive a discount for doing so. If you forget, make sure you at least recycle the lid and pop the cup in general waste so as not to contaminate other recyclable materials.

Re-wear your favourite jersey – Most sports jerseys are made from polyester, which is a type of plastic that comes from oil. Extracting the oil and then refining it into polyester requires massive amounts of energy, so buying a new jersey every season will have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. If you fancy switching up your match day jersey, why not buy one second-hand?

Watch what you eat – Love having a match day burger? When it comes to CO2 emissions, beef is a big offender. On average, 60kg of CO2 is generated for every kilo of beef that’s produced. Considerably less water and land are required to produce a veggie alternative, and far fewer CO2 emissions are generated in the process. If you are going to eat meat, try and choose a locally-sourced option or swap the beef burger for a chicken or pork pick.