Standard Installations
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23rd May 2022
by Ohme

Standard Installations

If you’re thinking of having a charger installed, you may have heard of standard vs non-standard installations. ‘Standard installations’ often cost less due to a number of factors. Prices vary from installer to installer, but we estimate a standard installation to cost anywhere from £899 from an Ohme Home and £1099 for an Ohme Home Pro.


So, what exactly is a ‘standard installation’? 


Well, it’s a bit tricky to definitively say what a standard installation involves, but there are a few factors you should consider: 

  • Number of drilled walls – how many walls will the installer need to drill through to run a cable from your main fuse box to your charger? 
  • Distance from charger to main fuse box – how far away from your main fuse box is the desired charger location? Is it over 10m?  
  • Distance travelled by installer to property – is the installer local to you or travelling a long way? 
  • Estimated time of labour – will the installer need to spend a whole day on site? This will usually depend on your answers to point 1 & 2.  

If you’re unsure of any (or all) of these factors, there’s no need to worry. Completing your home survey helps our install partners to provide an accurate quote for the work, so there are no surprises once the job is complete. 


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