Weekly View of the EV Market - 11th November 2021
11th November 2021
by Ohme

Weekly View of the EV Market - 11th November 2021

Ofgem EV Driver Research

The latest EV driver research from Ofgem, once again highlights the opportunities to engage with customers and ensure they reap the benefits of smart charging; here

Whilst most EV drivers, (59%), stated they usually charge their vehicle at home, and 36% stated they plan to get the best price for charging their vehicle, 25% stated they charge at peak times, with only 13% stating they are on a ‘Time of Use’ tariff and 22% stating they have a smart charger.

With average mileage drivers able to save over £300 a year by using a smart charger and EV tariff, this is a huge opportunity to help customers reduce their driving costs, not to mention the CO2 savings that can be delivered by charging when there is a high proportion of renewable energy being generated.

National Grid – October Report

The latest monthly report from National Grid reveals that Carbon Intensity reduced further in October with the UK emitting 150gCO2 / kWh on average, down 26% versus September; here

Ohme drivers continued to perform better than this market average with our ‘fleet’ emitting 145gCO2 / kWh during October’s charging sessions, with the top 10% reducing their emissions to an impressive 40 gCO2 / kWh. Almost carbon free driving!

SMMT – October Registrations

Finally this week, the monthly vehicle registration statistics from SMMT reveal the continuing growth of Plug In vehicles with BEV sales growing 76% y.o.y to represent over 15% market share, whilst PHEV sales grew to almost 8% market share, here

With plug in vehicle sales now representing almost a quarter of new vehicles sold, the UK is well on track to beat SMMT’s forecast sales of 283,000 plug in vehicles this year.