Why you should care about time-of-use tariffs
24th December 2020
by Ohme

Why you should care about time-of-use tariffs

Time-of-use tariffs, also known as ‘agile’ tariffs, are perfect for EVs. These tariffs help balance demand across the day to support a more flexible and sustainable electricity system.

These innovative tariffs track the wholesaler price of electricity throughout the day. So when wholesale prices drop, you benefit. If you can move your electricity use outside of the peak hours of 4pm – 7pm, then you can save even more.

It’s basic economics, really. When electricity supply is greater than demand (often due to renewable energy sources), you could even get paid to charge your EV. Whenever there is excess electricity generated, wholesale prices can drop below zero.

Ohme smart charging integrates brilliantly with time-of-use tariffs, allowing you to chase lowest cost charging and benefit from plunge moments. Luckily Ohme can work with any energy supplier – but you can really take advantage of the power of Ohme’s intelligence with a time-of-use tariff.

Ohme customer Sarah was recently paid 8p / KwH to charge her car when there was excess renewable energy due to wind in Scotland. She said “Ohme is a life changer! It integrates perfectly with my energy tariff. Recently I even got paid to charge!”